01 Feb

MEDITATION is another name of witnessing

February 1, 2017

MEDITATION is another name of  witnessing. Witnessing is the tool of consciousness, used to disconnect itself from the mind and reconnect with ultimate awareness. This ultimate awareness is the transcendence of consciousness—spaceless space beyond the mind. We can’t talk about consciousness and unconsciousness as two separate states, but more like in degrees: you can be […]

10 Feb

When you are grateful with what you have, the universe will give you more. The Language of Wholeness

February 10, 2015

01 Feb

Teaching people enlightenment is useless, because how can you teach No-Thing? You can only teach something. The middle point guides you to disconnect from all some-things; and in the removal of some-thing-ness, you are left with no-thing-ness, which is the primordial source of All-That-Is. Can you do No-Thing? Can you teach people how to do […]