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After 28 years of sharing their lives, loving each other, overcoming life’s obstacles, learning from them and each other, and working parallelly, each with their own clients and in their own unique ways, these two amazing healers have finally decided that they are ready to embark on the next journey and lift their healing powers to a truly cosmic level!

In this workshop, You will be guided, both on a conscious and unconscious level, by these two master healers, who will be guided by the master plant. It is absolutely certain that this will be one of the most memorable, transformative and meaningful moments of your life!

Join Ivan and Lana and the other truth-seeking fellow meditators in a unique, powerful experience of meditation and healing on all levels – physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual, under their compassionate guidance, both on a conscious and energetic level, infinitely amplified by the wisdom of the spirit of the sacred plant.

Many of your lives have been transformed, and some even literally saved, by the divine power of Ivan Rados’ intuitive healing gift, meditation classes and his many published books, lectures and interviews. Can you imagine it being even more powerful? Well, that’s exactly what you will experience in this workshop, as his beloved wife, Lana has now joined him, bringing her 35 years of practice as a therapist, followed by 9 years of training in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Lana is a well established and sought after therapist, specializing in trauma and relationships, amongst many other areas of practice. Lana believes that all misalignments with our souls and consequently all suffering, including anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships and most health issues, stem from unresolved trauma and unmet emotional needs, especially from the formative years of early childhood. She has developed a unique and very effective way of assisting her clients in resolving those traumatic experiences, resulting in freedom, joy, creative and authentic self-expression and success.

You may be wondering why they waited for 28 years to join their healing gifts and skills? Well, when they met, they were coming from two opposing ends of the spectrum of healing – Ivan, an intuitive healer, meditation master, spiritual teacher and Lana, a classically trained therapist, with an extensive knowledge in human emotional and cognitive development, early attachments and trauma. In their own words, they spoke very different languages when they first met and their worlds were so far apart, yet, their pull towards each other was irresistible (to tell the truth, Ivan recognized Lana immediately, as his partner throughout many lives and he had no doubt that they needed to be together, in order to complete what they had started centuries ago).

So, for 28 years, they have been loving and healing each other, as well as their clients, helping each other grow, and now they have reached a state where, while still both very distinctly unique in their approaches, their practices are informed by both the science and the divine knowing. So, they recently led a plant medicine session that, in their own words felt “like we have finally arrived home” and produced miraculous results for the attendees (see their testimonials)

As you might be aware, a few years ago, Ivan had withdrawn from healing, spiritual teaching and facilitating his meditation classes. This was a result of a realization that somewhere on this journey of healing others, he had strayed from the path of his own healing, a straying that is spiritually quite dangerous, as it feeds the illusion of the ego.

While the depth and precision of his intuitive knowing and his healing was growing; he realized that he had been overseeing a call from within to revisit some archaic wounds of his own, wounds that he had thought had been fully healed. But they very rarely are. Lana and Ivan believe that our entire lives are designed to continue healing, so that we can continue expanding, deepening and evolving, thus expanding the universe.

Since that realization; Ivan has been soul searching, practicing humility and seeking again shamanic healing with different masters in Peru and Columbia. As a result, he now feels ready to continue on his temporarily interrupted journey of assisting others in their self discovery, self-actualization and healing, by bringing more humility, more depth and purer divine channeling into his practice.

One of the gifts of his recent shamanic healings is a realization that his healing power, which is to a large extent rooted in his very masculine spirituality, based in the witnessing consciousness, can be greatly amplified by the sacred gifts of the Divine Mother – spirit plant medicine. Lana, on the other hand, through her own courageous and tireless truth seeking, has realized that her, also greatly masculine, scientific approach, can be softened, profoundly deepened and divinely guided by the loving and deep wisdom of the medicine. The result is the perfect balance that this unity provides and the miraculous results it can produce.

In this workshop, You will be guided, both on a conscious and unconscious level, by these two master healers, who will be guided by the master plant. it is absolutely certain that this will be one of the most memorable, transformative and meaningful moments of your life!

As Ivan said, “I have been meditating for the majority of my life; my most natural way of participation in this reality is through the witnessing consciousness. I see it as a masculine spirituality, and I do not mean this in any kind of evaluative way, as I also, as a healer and artist, have a very strongly and highly evolved feminine presence too. The witnessing consciousness is our very nature, it is eternal process of being, it is right where you are, right Now and Here. Witnessing is not part of time, because everything that happens in time becomes a dream.

This is why even in spirit plant medicine enhanced journeys, I rarely have hallucinogenic experiences, but rather just even deeper peace, clarity and understanding beyond my mind, a profound sense of knowing of the Wholeness and the Oneness. And this is why I teach meditation, create meditation Yantras, guide people to their inner centre of being, and write books about it.”

This workshop is specifically designed to initiate and launch you into your healthy state, and a profound sense of knowing of the Wholeness and the Oneness, effortlessly, through an alchemical blend of Ivan’s and Lana’s teachings, and their access to the subtle energy realms of existence and, of course, the wisdom and love of the plant medicine.


Registration includes meditation, medicine, and integration

Location: Private Residence Address Provided Upon Registration 

Exchange: $297



by James Jesso (Podcast Host - Author - Facilitator)
I have journeyed with this medicine (and many others) many times in my life and in many different contexts. A few things stood out for me during my one session with this group.
They held stable, inward-focused, and safe integrity to the circle without being overbearing as to how that needed to look, thus allowing people the space they needed to express themselves how they needed too.
There was a lot of focus in the beginning in helping people understand and know that the experience may be challenging and that that can be a very positive experience, as well as advice on navigating those challenges.
The circle had a solid sense of being consent-informed and they navigated that in a very easeful and graceful way.
There was substantial time placed into getting a sense of the facilitators as people in a way that helped create a sense of safety while also dispelling mysteriousness/ambiguity that could result in the spiritual hierarchies.
Substantial time was also invested in circling with intentions the night of and integration the next morning. I had been to circles that do "integration" the following morning, where it is just people retelling their stories and moving on. This circle was not like that. There was a concerted effort to genuinely helping people feel seen and to understand how to move forward with what they experienced into their life afterward.
All in all, my experience in this circle was quite meaningful for me, personally, of course, but also on the level of inspiration. Seeing what is possible in a non-traditional medicine ceremony that nicely balances spirituality and modern psychotherapeutic perspectives was very inspiring.
James W. Jesso
Podcast Host - Author - Facilitator
~{Adventures Through The Mind}~
Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram: @jameswjesso

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