Is World War 3 happening?

How my superiority complex damaged me.

Why judging others (and self) in any way, even the “positive” one is unhealthy


Is World War 3 happening?

Is World War 3 happening? Has WW3 been declared? YES! It’s a war on your CONSCIOUSNESS!


Are you afraid of dying?

Are you afraid of dying? Would you like not to be? Then, start living well.


Interview Lana Rados & Ivan Rados - SPIRIT PLANT MEDICINE CONFERENCE 2019

Join Andrew Rezmer he speaks with Clinical Psychologist Lana Rados and her husband, meditation master, author and ceremony leader, Ivan Rados as they speak about their journey and work with plant medicines and healing.




More heartwarming testimonials. I know I keep saying this, but I’m going to say it again - we feel so blessed, grateful and honoured to be able to serve such beautiful people and assist them in their healing and transformation. Love you all and thank you for your noble intents and courageous work on facing your darkness in order to spread the light. And thank you for choosing us to help you


Vanessa Lefan Yuen 樂凡 (@van_lefan)

Thank you, beautiful angel Vanessa Lefan Yuen 樂凡 (@van_lefan), for the healing gift of your music at our last ceremony.


Trauma and mental health

Anxiety, depression, ADD, Addiciton, bipolar disorders, even psychosis and personality disorders, all often have one thing in common - a past traumatic experience. Here is why and how.


Don’t be mean; just say what you mean.


There is no ‘how’ in love

There is no ‘should’ and no ‘how’ in love. Love is consciousness. Love is deep inner quality of you being you.


How to make the law of attraction actually work for you

Frustrating because the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you? Here is why and how to change that, permanently.


Dr. Nicholas Wong Intronaut Concierge

Introducing a new member of our team, our Intronaut concierge and the Magic Witnessing Meditation healer, the gifted, the caring, the gentle, the strong, Dr. Nicholas Wong (Dr. Nick). We feel so blessed that he has joined us.



The people who are suffering from insomnia should not think of it as a disease. Insomnia is not an illness. Do not categorize it. Visiting a doctor is meaningless. Insomnia is not your problem; the uncontrollable, anxious mind is your problem. What is the cure for the anxious mind? Meditation.


Stubborn Buddha

Are you “too much in your head”? “Too analytical”? Find it difficult to engage with any spiritual path, yet want to expand your consciousness, want to heal and become whole, but feel stuck in your scepticism, or anxiety, or luck of trust? Everyone’s path to self actualization is different. Do not chase spiritual experiences; do not try to copy others’. Just face who you are, with raw honesty and self-compassion, all the time, and the path will emerge. That is the path.



Are you going through a difficult separation/divorce ? Find out why all the advice that has ever been given to you about it is wrong and what to do to change the behaviour of a raging, vengeful ex into co-operative and respectful.


The Importance of Sweetness

Have you ever thought that perhaps even such a beautiful and noble thing as kindness might not be quite enough? I hadn’t, until I heard the sweet, yet powerful message from Dona Maria Apaz, the last living priestess of the highest order of the Q’uero peoples of Peru. This is what I walked away with.