with Lana and Ivan Rados

July 11. 2020

Location:  ZOOM

Exchange: $ FREE

The Magic Witnessing Meditation team, led by Ivan & Lana Rados, and Dr. Nick, invite you to participate in the world premiere of our ONLINE Global Distance Magic Witnessing Meditation Ceremony on July 11th, 2020.

This ceremony has been over a year in the making, after Ivan originally received a vision by the spirit plant medicine.  In addition to facilitating spirit plant medicine journeys with his beloved Lana, Ivan has been providing  1:1 and group healing for several decades, including distance energy healing, where he utilizes his astral body and often invites our cosmic allies to assist people in their healing and to perform astral surgeries.

In one of the very first medicine journeys that he facilitated, the medicine invited him to take the experience to the next level and provide a large scale, global spirit plant medicine journey online.  With the physical distancing currently in place, and the need for collective contagious consciousness, there could not be more appropriate time to create this magic.  As you will see from the testimonials, the power and connection are available to all of us, regardless of where we are on the globe.

This world premiere is an offering we would like to make to the collective, free of charge, to connect and serve us during this tumultuous time.  To ensure the physical safety of everyone as well as sanctity of the space, everyone who registers will require local facilitation/sitters to ensure the safety of the 3D body as they tune into the medicine and are conducted as a whole by the Maestro Ivan Rados on their individual healing journeys. You may wish to create groups with a few local people, in which case we recommend 1 sitter per 2 journeyers. For this offering we are inviting experienced travelers who have been able to navigate these realms and so are more able to tune into a new experience such as this. 

Also, for those who are curious about the path of the apprentice healer, know that we are always expanding our team and are looking to create exponential change by empowering others to awaken their own innate healing abilities.  The first step is always sitting with us in ceremony, and the medicine will guide you towards what is next on your own personal journey, remembering that we only help others heal when we heal ourselves.

Please reach out to Dr. Nick for more details, and know that we will create connection calls, medical questionnaires, and any other necessary preparation before we all come together on July 11th.  Also, there will be significant time for integration the day of, and we will have post-ceremony integration sessions following our collective experience as well to ensure that we can integrate the messages into our everyday lives.  For more information on who we are, please visit and/or text me via Signal.

Dr. Nicholas Wong


This workshop is specifically designed to initiate and launch you into your healthy state, and a profound sense of knowing of the Wholeness and the Oneness, effortlessly, through an alchemical blend of Ivan’s and Lana’s teachings, and their access to the subtle energy realms of existence and, of course, the wisdom and love of the plant medicine.



Dr. Nicholas Wong