with Lana and Ivan Rados

August 21-23, Friday to Sunday



Imagine a sacred medicine journey, guided by our two amazing master healers, Lana and Ivan Rados, under an open sky, by a powerful river, surrounded by nature, and a few hours away from the city.


Yes, we are taking our Magic Witnessing Meditation ceremonies to a whole new level of magic!


We are excited to announce our first wilderness retreat August 21-23, Friday to Sunday!


Join Magic Witnessing Meditation Wilderness Ceremony for 3 days of deep healing in a camping retreat setting, integrated with a series of healing modalities including talks by Ivan and Lana, a magical ceremony, psychotherapy based integration, nourishing vegetarian food, and breathwork offered by Dr. NIck.


You will get the opportunity to take a deep dive into your healing amidst an intimate setting, while being immersed in the beauty and healing energy of the forest and animal spirits of nature.


For more information and to register for the early bird special (ends July 31st) please email

MWM WIDRENESS CEREMONY RETREAT will take place from August 21st - 23rd and will include several informative talks, Breathwork, meditation, and a sacred medicine ceremony. Participants will require their own camping gear.




Fri Aug 21:
1-4pm: arrival and set up.
5-6pm: Dinner
- Opening ceremony
- lecture by Ivan and Lana
- therapeutic guided childhood trauma exploration
9-9:30: guided meditation
9:30-11pm: Relax by campfire

Sat Aug 22:
8-10am: yoga and guided breathwork
10-11am: breakfast
-Lecture by Ivan and Lana
-intention setting
1-2pm: lunch
2-3pm: freetime, wall, meditation
3-7pm: forest ceremony
7pm-8:30pm: snacks and integration
8:30-10pm: relax by campfire

Overnight: dreamwork
Sun Aug 23:
8-10am: movement and guided  breathwork
10am-11am: breakfast
11am-1pm: further integration
1-2pm: closing ceremony
2-5pm: pack up for departureEarly bird price is $963 each and ends July 31st! Sign up ASAP with a $500 deposit to reserve your spot as space is limited! Price goes up to $1369 after July 31st!


Camping gear checklist: 




Sleeping Bag



Sleep Padding


UV Protection

Bug Repellent/Citronella

Outdoor clothing/layers

Outdoor footwear



Biodegradable eco-friendly toiletries


Water bottle

Personal mug

Reusable cutlery

Wholesome vegetarian meals will be provided. Participants are advised to bring their own snacks for eating by the fire or in case the midnight munchies strike!


COVID disclaimer: 


Kindly note that, according to official COVID-19 health bulletins, it is highly recommended by healthcare professionals to rest and self-quarantine for 14 days if you are feeling sick or have traveled recently. We are taking care to follow this suggestion in regards to cancelling reservations for anyone recently out of the country or displaying symptoms. If you have recently been out of the country, in close contact with anyone ill or if you are feeling under the weather preceding the ceremony - please notify us as soon as possible and we will promptly make rearrangements with you. 


For more information and to register for the early bird special (ends July 31st) please email concierge@intronaut.comMWM #616 - 402 West Pender Street

This workshop is specifically designed to initiate and launch you into your healthy state, and a profound sense of knowing of the Wholeness and the Oneness, effortlessly, through an alchemical blend of Ivan’s and Lana’s teachings, and their access to the subtle energy realms of existence and, of course, the wisdom and love of the plant medicine.



Dr. Nicholas Wong