ONE TO ONE with Ivan and Lana

Are you ready to dive even deeper into healing, transformation and soul awakening? If yes, then you wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to work with either Lana or Ivan on a 1:1 basis. Here are more details:

Deeper integration and transformation with either Lana or Ivan: In order to utilize your work with any spirit plant medicine to its fullest, it is highly advisable to engage in further, deeper integration and transformation, preferably on a 1:1 basis. This could be just 1 or several sessions, depending on your preference and needs. Most people find just 1 session with either Ivan or Lana sufficient to fully understand their journey and all the messages from their souls and to translate them into their daily lives, their relationships and work. 

Cosmic Psychotherapy:

Imagine being in an intensive, all day 1:1 psychotherapy with a highly experienced and knowledgeable therapist, whose unique and powerful gift and skills are amplified by the divine love and supreme wisdom of the sacred medicine! in these amazing, individual, all day sessions, you will be able to heal the deepest emotional wounds, even those that are not accessible to conventional therapy, as they might be preverbal or just deeply suppressed, causing various difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship difficulties, health issues etc. Being able to access and heal those wounds will result in a greater self-actualization, more happiness, peace and vitality, as well as more fulfilling and loving relationships.  Most of Lana’s clients say that they have achieved more in this special session than in years, even decades of regular therapy with other therapists!

Astral Intensive Healing Meditation:

Those of you who have attended Ivan and Lana’s ceremonies will know what we are talking about here. Remember all the amazing, powerful, magical healing that you were feeling while Ivan was attending to you during the ceremony? Many of you said that you even saw his astral body raising and coming to you to heal you. Now imagine him doing that for the entire day, just on you! This is 1:1 intensive magic astral healing ceremony with Ivan, a truly life changing, magical and unforgettable experience!

Magic relationship therapy:

Magic relationship therapy: In this, full day intensive couples therapy with these two extraordinary therapists, who use not only their professional expertise but also the wisdom derived from their own experience of growing together for almost 3 decades, enhanced by the sacred medicine, you will be able to truly connect on a soul level and, as a result, develop the depth of intimacy that you could never even imagine possible, the perfect harmony and the hottest, ongoing passion.


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"From my heart, I am deeply grateful for the influence that Ivan and Lana have had on my spiritual journey. I have been on this journey for 4 years and I have intellectually learned many different techniques and methods of meditation and healing. But it was not able to fully apply these teachings until I stared working with Ivan and Lana. Ivan has an intuition and gift that I have not encountered before. Through a single meditation session, he was able to get me to experience truly being present in the moment and feel my heart. During this session there was a lot of information exchanged from Ivan to me, but, it was not through verbal communication. I do not know how to explain it. I don't think it is possible to explain, it has to be experienced. I got to a point where I felt like I was the creator of my own reality and my perceptions all shifted. And I saw new possibilities in situations where I previously saw limitations.  This is what everyone else talks about and teaches but have a hard time getting someone there. The change in me was immediately obvious to my wife, kids and others around me. Ivan is very humble as he expresses that he did nothing just simply remind me that I am not my mind and I am just being (present as a divine soul). I am forever grateful and want others to experience this state of being."

Raj D

Dr. Raj D.

I was suffered with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and have been in recovery for alcohol addiction for over 4 years and have been feeling lately like there's got to be more in the way of help out there for people like myself.

I was connected with Lana and Ivan through my sister who is a counsellor, and after learning that this treatment could help with a variety of mental illnesses, I decided to go ahead with the ceremony.

I didn't know what to expect as I had never done anything like this before, but on the day of the ceremony, Lana and Ivan were so caring
and took the time to answer any questions I had, as well as explain what to expect from the experience.

The ceremony was nothing like I expected, but in the best way possible. My heart took me to places that healed me in a way I could have never done with traditional therapy. It has completely and truly shifted the way I think about myself and how I see the world around me. I now feel comfortable in my own skin because I was given the gift of realizing that my self worth is not based on my appearance.

The biggest gift I was given was the realization that I have no room in my life for anything that doesn't serve me anymore. I don't know how else to describe it besides I am now rid of years of depression, anxiety and addiction because I find no use for any of them in my life any longer.

A huge THANK YOU to Lana and Ivan for helping me to change my life in the most amazing way and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to open their mind and their heart to their own true self.

Michelle Vancouver
My personal account of my one day private session with Ivan:
I trusted Ivan to journey with a hero’s dose (my first ever), and the experience can be described as powerful, soul-healing, and enlightening.
Ivan created such a safe and comfortable set and setting that allowed me the space to explore deep realms of my consciousness. I was so absorbed in my journey I was not fully aware of the goings on outside of my safe and warm cocoon, but there was this one remarkable moment of experiencing my third eye opening, and at that exact moment, Ivan came and and initiated me with a prompt tap on my third eye! It was as if he knew or was guiding me to that peak experience. 
It’s been several weeks since our journey, and I am still reaping the healing and insights gained from our encounter. 
Thank you Ivan 
Trina Vancouver
I had a truly fantastic opportunity to be apart of a Magic Witness Ceremony with Ivan and Nicholas guiding me this past week.
I know that words won’t do this experience justice, but I will say that it was an incredible journey beyond what I could have imagined, both beautiful and challenging. 
It was ultimately exactly what I needed.   I was able to see how I had been getting in my own way as it related to my heart, emotions and connecting with people and loved ones through out my life. 
I was able to open my heart and see it for the first time. I experienced love and trust in a way I had never known before.
I cried. I laughed. I smiled, ultimately I was able to open a new door to create a new beginning through letting go.
So grateful for this life-changing experience that will be far-reaching.   Thank you so much!

All the Love and blessings

N.A  Ontario, Canada

I want to thank Ivan so much to have had led me to this journey.   It was a tremendous, breathe taking, unforgettable, life changing experience for me.  As an art psychotherapist as well as a holistic nutritionist, I have opened myself to any self development journey because I personally have high value in learning and exploring my inner self and to reach my highest potential so that I can become a better person who can succeed in my personal life as well as in my profession.  

Ivan’s love is so generous that he led me through this journey.  I really appreciated his support and love throughout the whole process.  To me, I have never experienced such an intensive experience.  In the 5 hour journey, I was in tremendous pain yet I know it was coming from my inner world.  It was so powerful to actually see and experience how much pain and suffering one can bring to oneself.  There were moments I felt like I was in hell, as I felt the burning pain in my whole body.  There were also moments I felt like I was a baby, a little angel and even Buddha as I went on my journey.  I am so grateful that this journey allows me to witness my core self which confirms me that I am on the right path to what I believe in.  
I am sure this is the beginning and there are so much more to explore and learn.  The learning curve is unlimited, so as our potential.  
Once again, thank you so much for taking me on this journey.  I am looking forward to seeing more in the future.  
Best regards,
Helen Wong