Ivan Rados

HEAD HEALER, Cosmic Maestro, Meditation Master, Spiritual Teacher, Founder of Magic Witnessing Meditation, Intronaut, and the Middle Point

Ivan Rados is one of the most provocative and inspiring spiritual teachers and meditation masters of the contemporary world. Following a very successful career in art (over 130 exhibitions, as well as his art pieces on permanent displays in the museums throughout UK and Eastern Europe), at the age of 42, he experienced a profound inner awakening that changed his perception of himself and the reality, after which Ivan established a spiritual discipline, which he calls The Middle Point. It is a non-dualistic approach towards wholeness, health and self-actualization.

His books, such as Health It’s all About Consciousness, The Art Of Meditation, Transform Your Life, The Middle Point, Tre Truth, The Language Of Wholeness and many others, are not only bestsellers, but also go-to reads for many Truth seekers around the globe.

Ivan’s contribution to the science of inner transformation has inspired many teachers, masters and healers, who have experienced his healing and have learnt from him, to develop their own unique and powerful conscious-responsive teaching/healing modalities. His teachings could not be placed into any category, as he doesn’t follow, nor does he create followers. Instead, he emphasizes the individual quest, not for the meaning of life, but the meaning of consciousness and removal of the attachments to the illusionary mind.

Ivan calls his approach the true religion, as it is about non-duality, consciousness and being, not about dualistic mind and its ideologies and dogmas, including the new age philosophies. “I am here to offer you my understanding of how to awake in your consciousness, become aware of your being, surpass the mind and to be truly religious again, like spiritual masters in human history, who did not follow any collective sets of beliefs, but rather the path of reuniting with their own being. That is what I call a true religion.”

Ivan’s deep and authentic rooting in the unknown provides him the insight and ability to be of great service to the evolution of Consciousness in these most transformative of times. Ivan travels extensively, taking what he calls his“knowingness” throughout the world, giving TV and radio interviews (check out his interviews on Gaia TV and Buddha at the gas pump You tube channel), facilitating meditation classes, talks, intensives, and retreats.

He regularly provides meditation discourses and individual and group healing sessions from his healing studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Lana Rados

MASTER HEALER, Cosmic Psychotherapist, Co-Founder of Magic Witnessing Meditation and Intronaut

Lana’s qualifications (Clinical Psychologist) were obtained first in her country of origin, former Yugoslavia and later in the UK, where she lived and worked for the National Health Services, in private practice and as a university lecturer in psychology for 9 years.

Since moving to Canada in 2001, in addition to her private practice, Lana has designed and facilitated many therapy groups and lectures, both for clients and colleagues for various community agencies, such Family Services of Grater Vancouver, Burnaby family Life, Canadian Mental Health Association etc.

Lana’s extensive knowledge in the area of human cognitive and emotional development, behaviour and interactions, in addition to her confident, straightforward and sometimes challenging yet warm, caring and accepting style have proven highly effective in assisting her clients to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Furthermore, Lana’s additional 4 years of intensive post-clinical-psychology training in integrative psychotherapy, as well as her extensive experience has led her to develop not only a unique and highly effective approach, but also unique and powerful techniques for resolution of early childhood and later emotional wounds and trauma. As a result, Lana is now one of the most sought

after therapists, with consistent referrals from doctors, lawyer, addiction centres, ICBC, Crime Victims Assistance, Worksafe etc.

Lana is also a certified Hypnotherapist, NLP therapist, Critical Response and EMDR therapist.

Dr. Nicholas Wong MD

INTRONAUT CONCIERGE, Apprentice Intuitive Healer, Certified Breathwave Facilitator, Tuned Earth Sound Healer, Psychedelic Coach

Dr. Nicholas Wong wanted to be concierge from an early age, but chose instead to follow his head rather than his heart.  He obtained his MD from Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax, NS, and was finishing his Pediatrics residency in Calgary, AB when he burned out in 2010.

After using western medicine to heal from his depression, anxiety, and suicidality for 2 years, Nick was able to pursue roles as a Genius for Apple and Medical Scientist for the Pharmaceutical industry. 

The true path of awakening began in 2017 with the most intensive ontological coaching course in the world, Accomplishment coaching.  The shifts in being obtained from this work, coupled later on with spirit plant medicine, have allowed Nick to connect to his heart and become a true man and healer. Since then Nick has worked with many individuals, primarily men, to end their own suffering, connect with their hearts, choose joy and create miracles.  He has also given talks at The Living Room Series, and is available to speak with professionals about the beauty of burnout.

In 2019 Nick experienced the ceremonial work of Ivan and Lana, and subsequently went on to Angel for them as well as journey for three days one to one with Ivan on his Wild Zen adventure.  This has formed the foundation for their growing partnership, his apprenticeship in intuitive healing, and the explosive growth of the Magic Witnessing Meditation Ceremonies.

Most recently, Dr. Nick has continued on his healing journey, processing his trauma and healing from his lifelong asthma.  With this new ability to breathe, he has pursued conscious connected breathing, and has trained as a breathwave facilitator.  He is available for one on one breathwave sessions, which are combined with his vibrational sound healing delivered through his Earth Tuned giant tuning forks. 

Hamza Hasan

INTRONAUT CONNECTOR, Angel, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker

Hamza Hasan is a highly Positive, Altruistic and Empathic person with a strong Growth mindset who always looks for the best in people. He is an Energy Healer, a Mindfulness Life Coach, and a Motivational Speaker.

He found his path in connecting people with purpose, ideas, plant medicine, and healing.

He has facilitated numerous workshops across Canada and Dubai on topics such as Finding Purposeful Work, Leading and Motivating Others, Developing Self Awareness, Thriving in the Future of Jobs, Corporate Wellness, Mindfulness and Cultivating Emotional Intelligence.

Vanessa Yuen

INTRONAUT MUSIC HEALER, Angel, Musician, Artist, Holistic Wellness Counselor, Life Coach

Born on a farm in Taiwan, Vanessa immigrated to British Columbia in 2006 with her family at 11 years old. Throughout her childhood, Vanessa expressed herself through singing, guitar, flute, movement, and visual arts, and had a deep connection to the natural world.

While studying psychology in post secondary school and competing as a cheerleader, Vanessa received multiple concussions, which greatly impacted her cognitive functioning and sent her into a spiral depression. She dropped out of school in order to heal, shifting her focus from academics to exercise and nutrition, and became a bodybuilder and fitness coach. 

After seeing the ins and outs of the fitness industry, and realizing how some of the most ‘fit’ people are actually deeply unhappy, Vanessa realized that there was more to wellness than the physical. 

Vanessa quit bodybuilding and studied Holistic Wellness Counseling and Life Coaching at Rhodes Wellness College in Vancouver, BC, where she learned how to work with the connection between mind, body, spirit, and also dynamics of group therapy. She also completed 200-hour yoga teacher training from Free Spirit Yoga.  

She first experienced icaros (medicine songs) in an ayahuasca ceremony, and realized the powerful healing abilities of music and art. Since then she has been working on her skills as an artist, writing, performing, touring, learning, and sharing her music around the world in her travels.  

 Vanessa volunteers for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), is part of Cosmic Sister, and spoke on the panel “Rising Voices: Women of Color in the Sacred Plant Community” at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in 2019. 

Matt Lim


Matt Lim is a recovering adult. He is learning to lead from the heart rather than the mind to help connect what we think we know to the infinitely larger unknown. Matt is currently exploring the interaction of plant medicine, conscious living, and entrepreneurship. 
He has founded and failed several companies with a few still successfully operating today. Matt hopes to continue engaging in projects that better our communities to bring more consciousness back to business. He'll try most things twice and is a big fan of twice-cooked potatoes. 

Thomas Kim

INTRONAUT MEDIATOR, Angel, Connector, Experience Builder

Born and raised in Vancouver, TK has embarked on a journey of self-discovery over the last 4 years. He has had the opportunity to travel to some of the most isolated countries in the world by creating connection based experiences.

Seeing that he had been living a life without questioning any of the choices he made, he came to the realization that often the decisions we make are not made by us but for us. He hopes to challenge this notion and create experiences where people can move towards a deeper connection to themselves.