Lana and Ivan’s protective energy have helped me get in touch with a deep sense of gratitude for my family and my life. Basking in this, I found more self-love and love for others than ever before. This specific aspect of healing is something that no other healing modality has been able to do for me. And I’ve done it all — neurofeedback, therapeutic enactments, counselling, reiki, meditation, shamanic healing.

With other interventions, I’ve done a lot of grieving and I’m not shy about being in my sadness or grief, asked the right questions in the right context, I can get right back into it. But It was troublesome to be so reactive around some of my family members. I had no idea what I needed to move past this.

There are multiple facets of feeling whole, and there an infinite number of combinations one can take to achieve a state of contentment but I can say that my very first Magic Witnessing Meditation was like the little bow that tied my trauma up into a neat little package in the back of my memory bank so I can go on living my most authentic, heartfelt, engaged life.

So if moving past trauma, holding stronger boundaries with others and finding the aforementioned sense of profound gratitude is what you’re looking for, I strongly suggest you connect with Lana and Ivan.

Additionally, given the recent world circumstances, I had the opportunity to test pilot The Magic Witnessing Ceremony in an online format. I find that the quality of experience was not different from the in-person format. As a matter of fact, I can say that having the online version has it’s perks in that I’m in the comfort of my own home, with all the comforts of familiarity that help ground me, including sacred objects, and materials to write and draw in close-by and within reach. Moreover, the online session felt more efficient — I was appreciative of the fact that I did not have to commute or travel to obtain a high quality mystical experience.

— A., Registered Clinical Counsellor, participant of Magic Witness Meditation Ceremony


My Experience of the Online Ceremony

Before the start of the pandemic I had never even thought of the idea of what an online ceremony would look like. Then, as the world changed swiftly, and various communities and movements adapted to various online platforms to stay connected, my mind was blown wide open to the possibilities of utilizing the digital world to help us connect with each other.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to consider when moving medicine work online, afterall, this isn’t just a regular meeting or discussion, this is sacred space where deep work is being done. Of course there are safety aspects to consider since we will be far apart from the facilitators and each other, making it difficult to respond if anything were to happen. There are also the logistical aspects to consider such as trips to the bathroom for those who may be still affected by the medicine. These concerns were resolved by having an informed and trusted sitter in the same physical space as the journeyer to ensure the physical bodies are well looked after, and they can ask for anything they may need.

Once these logistics are sorted out, I was able to explore the numerous benefits of this style of journeying. This opens up the potential of people being able to journey together globally. For me personally as someone who loves the communally created sacred space in ceremony, but also prefers to do deep work in solitude or in very small groups this also enabled me to have the best of both worlds. In the ceremony I was able to be in the comfort of my own bed, be loud in my crying, breathing, and at times reflecting/sharing with my sitter, without worrying about the noise disturbing anyone else’s process. It allowed me to sink fully into the process, knowing that the entire space around me is mine to take up. This also allowed me to not be distracted by anything going on around me, which I have experienced in group ceremonies when someone else is moving around, chatting, or processing loudly. However, unlike journeying alone at home, having the support of facilitators watching over us, and a maestro who can help heal and guide in the spiritual/astral realm is also a very comforting and helpful aspect. I remember at several points in my journey when I would emerge from an intense experience, look at the screen, and see Nick and Ivan sitting there holding space, it brought so much joy and comfort to me as I re-entered the medicine experience to sink deeper into it. Having this supervision also makes the sitter’s job less daunting, since they can reach out for support from experienced leaders at any moment.

Lastly, integration. One of the most valuable aspects of group journeys is the integration process. There is so much healing that is done in the space when each person gets to share their experience, be witnessed by the loving presence of others, and get further feedback/insight from the maestro and facilitators watching over us. I personally also find it so valuable and beautiful to hear the experiences of others. The sharing of the process allows us to better understand, and also have accountability moving forward in how we will integrate these learnings into our day to day life outside the ceremony.

I am so grateful to be a part of this experiment with this group. Such amazing work was done, and I sense that this is just the beginning. I am so excited to see how this all unfolds and grows as more people get to experience the magic of this new way of doing medicine work on a global scale!



Trusting Courage - A Remote Magic Witnessing Ceremony Meditation Testimonials by Tayab

Having journeyed multiple times in person before. I got invited to experience the first-ever virtual Magic Witnessing Meditation.

I was surprised how equally impactful the experience was, as I was able to fully focus on myself without any distractions or other people around in the comfort of my home. We all were still connected by a virtual video conference being supported by Maestro Ivan, Lana, and Dr Nick.

As we prepared our Divine Magic Tea, we shared and clarified our intentions and began our journey. My intention was Trusting Courage, so I fully let go and let the plant medicine take over. I started by focusing on Ivan’s Yantra cards with some breathwork then closed my eyes and allowed the journey to begin. As I was meditating with my eyes closed as I started to feel an energetic motion building up from within my Body to Mind and then Spirit. It was like moving through a spiral, going into the far reaches of my mind, opening up areas/memories that I had not accessed in quite some time, and then letting go of all of the doubts and insecurities about my life and replacing it with my new found Trusting Courage. It was a very flowy journey through my mind, a type of cleansing of my subconscious.

I strongly felt the distance healing support and presence from Ivan, Lana, and Nick virtually. Through the waves of the internet, I could feel this warmth going through my head to my heart and through the whole etheric field as I was moving through this fractal dimension of my mind while listening to the beautifully curated shamanic music by the Maestro.

Overall, it was a very positive experience, emotionally and spiritually as I had completely trusted and surrendered to whatever the medicine would show me. Remembering a quote from Carl Jung my mother had shared with me “Real liberation comes not from glossing over or repressing painful states of feeling, but only from experiencing them to the full.”

As the ceremony ended as started to come back to reality, I was feeling much lighter after having a release from all the stresses of life and the quarantine. Feeling a shift in my perspective in a positive way, feel greater levels of general happiness and bliss.

After a short snack break, we started our integration session and shared our journeys with one another. I was told by Ivan that I went through a cosmic surgery through my pituitary gland, hence. I was feeling the sensitivity to the light after the ceremony ended. It took me a few days to integrate this new level of being, feeling more assertive, certain, and motivated about my life.

I am so grateful to have been part of the first-ever virtual Magic Witnessing Meditation. Initially, I was concerned about going through ceremony remotely with the healers not close to me physically in the same room but soon after did I realized how little difference the virtual magic witnessing meditation was in comparison to the on-site one as I could feel the healing presence and the impact of the virtual ceremony equally, if not more.

I now fully understand the power of this Magic Witnessing Meditation as it made me realize that distance is only in the mind and we are all connected as part of this collective consciousness.

Thank you, Maestro Ivan, Lana, Nick, and Iris for making this happen, I am very grateful for this experience!

Many blessings


I’ll preface this testimonial by saying that going into this ceremony I had some pretty big reservations about the viability and responsibility of holding ceremonies online. And I would still say that in order to make it work on a larger scale a lot of precautions need to be taken and special care needs to be paid to training facilitators sitting with journeyers. All that said, a lot of my doubts were assuaged by my experience in ceremony. In fact, in many ways I’d say that with continued attention to care, this format blends the best of 1:1 sessions and group sessions. Ivan, Lana, and Nick did a great job of facilitating.

This was a session for those on the MWM team training to be co-facilitators. The reasoning of course being that the more we’re able to process our pain, the more able we’ll be able to hold safe space for others to process and heal from their own trauma. I went deeper in this session than in any other I’ve done before. I have a history of serious childhood trauma and despite re-encountering and processing more of those memories held in my body on several occasions during the ceremony, I still felt safe and held in the experience. This gave me the sense of security needed to continue to let go of my pain and my attachment to suffering throughout the experience, which - speaking for myself at least - is the work at the crux of the healing process.

I’m really looking forward to continuing to learn with Ivan and the MWM team and to work to perfect this format so we can bring it to others for their healing. In a world that may continue to be affected by lockdowns, it may be a great way to ensure that we’re still able to bring this healing modality safely and responsibly (and cost effectively) to as many people as possible. The healing I’ve received from working with these medicines has personally turned my life around in such a way that living is not only bearable where it once was not, but truly a joy. The joy that I’ve found in this work and in my own transformation is what I hope to help others find by training to become a facilitator.



Last night was simple and beautiful. What I learned yesterday is that the medicine communicates with me by feel. For me it’s very heart-centred. This culture is very mind-centric, we don’t have a very broad emotional vocabulary, so it’s challenging to describe the experience. But I’ll try. It felt very nurturing, expansive, loving, joyful, comforting, safe, complete, full. Whatever was happening in the moment was just perfect. Even though I was alone, I didn’t feel alone. For the first time ever, I wasn’t jealous of the vivid cosmic journeys that other people described because I now know that my relationship with the medicine is unique to me. It makes sense now. That was a valuable thing to learn. I’m grateful to everyone for being there. Thank you Ivan, Lana and Nick.



If you viscerally have experienced, that time and space is but a construct, then, you would trust, that healing can also take place at unlimited distances. I joined Ivan and the amazing team with a distance psilocybin experience. Their intention was to hold a safe container online where we could explore the depths of the healing medicine. They did so in ensuring we all had an angel to keep us physically safe, and Ivan held the ceremony space. I’m so glad to have participated in this experience, and now, I can vouch that these ceremonies can be done via any distance, and offer all of its healing capacity



Some moments unfold in ways that cause us to bloom. In truth, all moments have this quality. We decide to close off from moments to lessen the intensity. In doing so, we forget how to feel all that we're supposed to feel and lose touch with ourselves.

When we suspend our disbelief, the door to yourself is unlocked.

What does it mean to breathe with the Earth? To breathe from the soul. The construct of the mind is not able to comprehend what it means to be fully you. It is like looking at a picture, which cannot capture both the intricate and the vastness simultaneously.

For one moment, that is made of infinite moments, you will arrive at everything and nothing at once. In this space, there is you.

The work to untangle the knots, nots, and cannots within will take you into yourself. They challenge you to become more of yourself. It can be uncomfortable facing what you already know, to see yourself for who you are. And once you finally understand the you within the you, you’ve already moved on and so the work must continue.

The door that separates the sacred and the mundane is within. You just have to decide to walk through it. I’ll meet you on the other side.

-Matt Lim