Wild Phoenix 

Is your heart heavy?  Do you feel stuck at times?  Are you trapped between impossible decisions, where it seems like you'll never win, and that you'll never achieve the goals you set out for yourself?  Or are you even unsure what your goals are, and just struggling to survive, to find a piece of joy in your life?  Or does everyone look at you like you're the complete package - successful, in a great relationship, possibly even with kids, but something seems to be missing, some dream that has been forgotten that calls to you from some distant past?

Wild Phoenix is a unique retreat designed to awaken that dream, to awaken you to the life you've always wanted to live.  It is the space to shed all that is not serving you so that you create the space for the highest version of you to emerge, the version that has been kept in the shadows all these years.

In this three day retreat you will join a small group of men, lead by head healer Ivan Rados and healer Dr. Nicholas Wong, as you call forward your old self, thank him, bury and burn him, and from the ashes create the true man that you are, the higher self that has been waiting to rise up.   

You will breathe new life into him through Breath Work.  You will meditate with nature.  You will build fires and create delicious meals.  You can even choose to plunge in the icy waters of BC (not necessary - only by choice).  You will explore what the wild has to offer, while exploring the wild that is your mind.  You will do this with the support of the healers and the master plants, the medicine the earth has given us from long ago.  You will create a new design for your life, for your soul, a blueprint to guide you on this new path.

By the end you will see that you have journeyed through another lifetime, that you have unlocked another version of your life, that you stand ready to climb the mountain of your life that you have chosen, and that you have already glimpsed the beauty that awaits you at the top.

For those brave souls who are willing to embark on this adventure, reach out to concierge@intronaut.com and we will book a screening call.