Sharpen your masculine edge and soften your heart at the same time!

Yes, that is possible!

Men are having a difficult time, as a great deal is expected from them nowadays. Women want them to be strong, tough, successful financially, fierce, but also emotionally sophisticated, in tune with their softer, feminine side, their intuition and creativity and spiritually open and highly evolved. A whole new generation of superheroes! Huge boots to fill. While most men would love to be all that, many are frightened that, if they open their hearts, heal their emotional wounds and evolve spiritually, they will lose their edge that has made them successful, or at least has defined their place in the world. What a frightening possibility!

In this unique retreat, designed for the new heroes and heroes-to-be, Ivan Rados will teach you how to embody all of it, and more, with ease, lightness and even fun. You will be warriors and hunters (well, you will fight the demons of unconsciousness and hunt for some edible plants:); you will be manly men, gathering and cutting firewood, making your fire, cooking from scratch healthy meals, together with a most amazing, creative chef, Ivan (yes, even that is one of his many talents), you will be hiking, swimming in the freezing glacier water (not mandatory:), learn to fly fish, if you chose so... and you will meditate, both in stillness and while walking in the nature, you will receive profound eye and heart-opening lectures by a master teacher; you will receive hands on healing, by this powerful healer, and even learn how to heal yourself. You may even learn how to allow your natural creativity to flow and express itself in an art from, by this, internationally renowned artist!

By the end, you will be deeply rooted and empowered in your masculinity, while also open hearted, more aware and at ease with all aspects of you. You will become a true new age hero, the one that you were always meant to be!

As Ivan says: “Unleash and explore your wild, thrilling, exiting and joy filling nature and at the same time, discover the Zen within.  Learn how to live and  breathe Zen with me and you will start whispering it to your nature, so that it deepens and grows.  Zen is always new, because  Zen doesn't believe in the past, old and traditional; it doesn't believe in scriptures, methods and techniques. Zen doesn't believe at all. Zen simply trusts. Zen is a harmony of your being.

You, like me, deep down know that harmony is your true reality, and my only work in this Wild Zen retreat is to remind you of it. Will you allow me to guide you back to harmony? It is just that you have forgotten about it all, nothing else.”


For more information and/or to book, please email Ivan directly at: info@ivanrados.com